Chief Investigator (CI)

Chief Investigator (CI)

Prof. Meeyoung Cha (차미영 교수)

Email: mcha (at)
Tel.: +82-42-878-8114
Fax: +82-42-878-8079

Prof. Meeyoung Cha is a Chief Investigator in the Data Science Group at the IBS Pioneer Research Center for Mathematical and Computational Sciences (since January 2019) and an Associate Professor in School of Computing at KAIST. Prof. Cha is a prominent young researcher in the field of computational social science, where her research interest is in modeling complex human social systems using big data. Her research papers have received more than 11,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Prof. Cha’s research interests are on data science, network science, and statistical modeling. Her research focuses on developing AI-driven data science methods, such as the detection of fake news, used in the analysis of complex social computing systems. She has been actively collaborating with global research groups, including MPI-SWS, United Nations Pulse Lab, and Facebook Data Science Team.

Major Publications

  • Prominent features of rumor propagation in online social media
  • Measuring User Influence in Twitter: The Million Follower Fallacy
  • Characterizing user behavior in online social networks
  • Emoticon Style: Interpreting Differences in Emoticons Across Cultures