August 5, 2020

[Online][Special Guest-10]
Dr. Lev Manovich at City University of New York (CUNY)
CUNY Dr. Lev Manovich 님의 초청 강연 (온라인)

July 30, 2020

[Online][Special Guest-9]
Prof. Su Jung Kim at Northwestern University
Northwestern University 김수정 교수님의 초청 강연 (온라인)

July 22, 2020

[Online][Special Guest-8]
Dr. Seunghyun Yoon at Adobe Research
Adobe Research 윤승현 박사님의 초청 강연 (온라인)

July 8, 2020

[Online][Special Guest-7]
Prof. Kyung Ryul Park at KAIST
KAIST 과학기술정책대학원 박경렬 교수님의 초청 강연 (온라인)

February 19, 2020

[Special Guest-6]
Dr. Sarika Jalan at IBS
IBS 복잡계 이론물리 연구단 Dr. Sarika Jalan의 초청 강연

Research Fellow at Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems

Title: Regulating Explosive Synchronization in Multilayer Networks

[Special Guest-5]
Dr. Inho Hong at APCTP
아시아태평양이론물리센터 홍인호 박사님의 초청 강연

Researcher at Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics(APCTP)

Title: Measuring national capability over big science’s multidisciplinarity

[Special Guest-4]
Ohhyun Kwon at POSTECH
POSTECH 물리학과 권오현 박사과정 학생의 초청 강연

Ph.D. Student at the Department of Physics, POSTECH

Title: Explaining the Gravity Model on Urban Landscapes

February 13, 2020

[Special Guest-3]
Dr. Kunwoo Park at UCLA
UCLA Communication 박건우 박사님의 초청 강연

Researcher at the Department of Communication, UCLA

Title: Sharing of News Articles on Social Media by News Media Outlets: Past, Present, and Future

February 5, 2020

[Special Guest-2]
Prof. Wonjae Lee at KAIST
KAIST 문화기술대학원 이원재 교수님의 초청 강연

Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST

Title: Social Conflicts and Media in Korea: 2003 – 2019

January 15, 2020

[Special Guest-1]
Prof. Seunghoon Hong at KAIST
KAIST 전산학부 홍승훈 교수님의 초청 강연

Assistant Professor at School of Computing, KAIST

Title: Toward weaker supervision for semantic segmentation based on deep convolutional neural network

January 8, 2020

[Educational Seminar]
‘Patent Filing Process for the Software Invention’ given by Innovation Team at IBS
IBS 이노베이션팀, 소프트웨어 발명에 대한 특허 교육 세미나 개최