August 2021

Jie Bian, M.S. (Candidate)

Research Interests
Natural Language Processing in Deep Learning for social issues

Email: cheop.byeon (at)

February 2021

Jiwan Jeong (정지완), Ph.D.

Research Interests
Online news comment, opinion dynamics, online human behavior

Email: jiwanjeong (at)


Youngin Lee (이영인), B.S.

Research Interests
Application of NLP for social media and online news

Email: antagonist (at)

August 2020

Jeongwook Kim (김정욱), M.S.

Research Interests
User network analysis of social networking service (SNS), Korean NLP

Email: captainfox (at)


Taegyun Kim (김태균), B.S.

Research Interests
NLP for social science

Email: jgdgj223 (at)

February 2020

Jaeheon Kim (김재헌), M.S.

Research Interests
Natural Language Processing, Hate Speech, Machine Learning

Email: heon9618 (at)

Hyunji Cha (차현지), M.S.

Research Interests
Computer Vision

Email: hyunji3190 (at)