COVID-19 Data by
IBS Data Science Group

To facilitate data science research, we are sharing the public data related to COVID-19 at the Github page including the number of confirmed, recovered, and dead people across major countries. We also include Google Trend of related words, travel ban list, the currency exchange rate of major countries, gold price of opening /closing /high /low, and KOSPI (The Korea Composite Stock Price Index). The data files are stored in the ./Data/ directory in .csv format and will be updated daily. Please visit our project page for a detailed description and analysis of the data.

Data set:  

  • File 1 LatestDailyData.csv

This document provides the latest daily updates on the status of individual countries.

  • File 2: DailyNewNumberOfWorld.csv

This document gives the total daily confirmed, deaths, and recovery in the world.

  • File 3: DailyTotalNumberInEachCountry.csv

This document gives the total daily diagnoses, deaths, and recovery in each country respectively.

  • File 4: TotalNumbersInEachCountry.csv

This document gives the total accumulative confirmed, deaths, and recovery in each country. It is also divided into three following files:

File 5: TotalConfirmedNumberInEachCountry.csv
File 6: TotalRecoveredNumberInEachCountry.csv
File 7: TotalDeathsNumberInEachCountry.csv

  • File 8: TotalNumbersInEachProvinceInChina.csv

This document gives the total accumulative confirmed, deaths, and recovery in each province of China. This information is a subset of File 4. 

  • File 9: StandardizedTimeSeries.csv

This file includes the time-series data of the confirmed, recovered, and deaths count in each country. This file content is a standardized version of File 3.  

  • File 10: StandardizedTimeSeriesDataOfComfirmed.csv

Included in File 9 StandardizedTimeSeries.csv. Listed separately to enhance it.

If you wish to use this dataset for publication, please use the following BibTex entry: 

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Please contact Geng Sun(tosungeng[at] if you have any questions.