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Joint AI+X & IBS Workshop on Data Science

IBS, Daejeon

This workshop, organized together with the AI+X forum at KAIST School of Computing, will present recent research on data science applied to large-scale datasets on healthcare, climate change, cultural analytics, econometrics, and computational biology. KAIST AI + X Forum on Meet the Data Scientists 10:00-12:00 (moderator: Sue Moon & Mia Cha) * Jisun An

Yong-Yeol Ahn, An implicit statistical bias of word2vec model and why it may be a good thing

Abstract: Neural language models have revolutionized how we model text data as well as a broad range of machine learning methods, even beyond methods for natural language processing. One of the first, simplest, and most widely used methods is the skip-gram negative sampling model, or simply word2vec, which allows us to obtain vector representations of